2018 FIRE Carrier Farewell and Thank You!

Congratulations and thank you to Hudson, Reyhan, Jacinta and Allegra for your enthusiasm and leadership as SCB FIRE Carrier’s for 2018. It has been wonderful working with all four of you. On Tuesday, the Year 4’s listened to speeches written by our FIRE Carrier Leaders and were asked to consider applying for the role in 2019. Handwritten or printed letters are due on Tuesday (last day) or can be emailed to Miss Bugno by Friday 21st Dec. Be sure to check out our last 2018 FIRE Carrier project, the Sea of Hands display early next year in the front garden (we haven’t forgotten!)

Parish of Templestowe celebrates Confirmation

What a wonderful day it was for St Charles Borromeo and St Kevin’s, joining to celebrate with the Templestowe Parish the Sacrament of Confirmation. Monsignor Greg Bennet celebrated with Father Gerry this wonderful Sacrament.  We congratulate all candidates and their families for making this commitment in our Catholic church. We pray for all of these young people as they decide how to use the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit they received at Baptism. 


What message would you give these young people?  Post your messages here!
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Stations of the Cross

Today, the school took a walk through the Stations of the Cross as a way to connect with the events of Good Friday. Each class depicted a ‘station’ and we walked through reflecting on a short passage and prayer read by some of our Year 6 Leaders. It was a very moving, powerful and prayerful liturgy that reminded us all to simply take time to reflect. Well done to everyone on their input and effort. Wishing you all a happy, safe and reflective Easter.

Washing Smelly Feet

In the 1/2 Level, we are learning about the events of Holy Week.

On Holy Thursday, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples before sitting down to celebrate the Last Supper. He told them, and us, a message to ‘Love one another as He loved them’


The students had the experience of ‘washing each other’s feet’!

Each child took turns in the role play as Jesus, washing the feet of his disciples as well as having their feet washed, being a disciple!

Confirmation Retreat Day

On Wednesday the 19th of October, all of our grade 6s who will be making their Confirmation this Sunday attended the Confirmation Retreat Day with St Kevin’s. We were lucky enough to be able to use the beautiful new Church and connected buildings for the day and were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather so that we could do some activities outside :). All students are to be commended on their wonderful and reflective behaviour and their positive engagement in all activities. Thank you very much to Miss Bugno and Mr Thomas for organising a fantastic day. We look forward to supporting you all on your special day this Sunday.

confirm-1 confirm-3

5/6C Class Mass

This morning, 5/6C hosted a vibrant and powerful liturgy about being a servant of God and showing service to others. Unfortunately, Fr Gerry was unable to attend, however, Mrs Anderson lead the liturgy and unpacked the parts of the mass, in particular the meaning of the response, “Lord, I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” Children discussed how they would feel if the Queen was to turn up for afternoon tea or dinner at their house. Some said they would worry about what to serve for food, others said they would worry about how tidy the house was! Mrs Anderson explained that God loves all of us and accepts us without judgement. I thought this was a very powerful and poignant message to students and reminder to all. Well done 5/6C and Mrs Anderson!



Conference with charity Bahay Tuluyan and the 5/6s

On Friday the 5/6s were lucky enough to receive a visit from Catherine, Clare and some other members of the wonderful charitable organisation Bahay Tuluyan. This wonderful organisation does fantastic work helping people in the Philippines. As well as receiving valuable information, students participated in activities where they had to put themselves into the shoes of someone living in extreme poverty….it was a very eye opening experience. We learnt a lot from the day and thank Catherine, Clare and their team for coming to visit with us as their workshops linked in perfectly with out RE unit, The Common Good and gave us some great ideas of how we can help others.

conference 1 conference 2 conference 3

First Eucharist Parent/Child Workshop

Last night, the First Eucharist candidates gathered together with their parents and carers for a special evening of learning around Eucharist and what it means to share in such a special event. Connections were made between the Church’s sacrament and the everyday meal we take part in with our families on a daily basis. Thanks was given to our families and loved ones for their guidance, love and support in our lives thus far and children even practised receiving the bread and the wine. Thank you to all who came along and participated in the evening so fully. The feedback around student behaviour and input at the retreat day yesterday has also been sensational!

IMG_3043 IMG_3041

First Holy Communion Retreat




The children of the Parish making their First Holy Communion gathered at Holy Cross to reflect upon the Sacrament  before receiving the Eucharist for the first time.  It was wonderful to see the children of St Charles, St Kevin’s and the Parish interact respectfully and willingly with each other.  Here are a few photos of the day.


Pray for these children and their families. Maybe you may like to reflect on the time when you made your first holy communion and post here!   How did you feel? 

IMG_3032               IMG_3035




The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Year 3 Students are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We all gathered with our parents and we discussed the following ideas.

How do we really know when some-one is truly sorry? How do we feel when we forgive someone or when we have been forgiven?  

IMG_3879 (2)

We also watched Shrek- That’s what friends are for.Watch this clip and let me know what the real message of this modern day Parable. What is the connection with the Sacrament of Reconciliation? 


5/6 InquiRE

In 5/6 we have been researching InquiRE questions about our Christianity: 

  • Why do we celebrate the seven Sacraments?
  • How do people know that God is real?
  • What does God look like?
  • Do you have to be baptized to be a Catholic?
  • How did the Bible begin? 
  • Why is the Church a sacred place?

Please comment or add a question you would like to find the answer to about the Catholic Religion.



In  3/4 we have been studying the events of HOLY WEEK and in particular the events leading to and including Good Friday. We made these conclusions!

We  know Jesus suffered and it seems like a really sad story, but it’s one of the greatest stories of all!  

Jesus died for everybody’s sins, so now when we ask God to forgive us, and we are truly sorry for what we’ve done, He will act like it never happened.  That’s right, He forgets what we did!  We try not to repeat the mistakes. 

We drew our stations representing what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. 

We ask that you reflect on these pictures and think about how his family might have felt seeing Jesus suffer and treated without any dignity!


We would love you to leave us a comment on your thoughts and feelings. 

Fire Carrier Event

St Charles is very privileged to be a Fire Carrier school (Fire Carrier schools work together to come up with meaningful ways to recognise the history, culture and land rights of indigenous Australians and speak up on their behalf).

Last Tuesday, the 1st of March our four grade 5 Fire Carrier leaders headed to Amberley to learn more about indigenous history and culture and gain some ideas from other schools. Nicole, Erin, Isla and Alyssa a wonderful day! Here is a reflection from Isla and Alyssa.

‘We really enjoyed all of the activities that we did on the day. One activity was a bush talk, wh ere we learnt interesting facts about indigenous people and their land. Another activity explained how indigenous people lived before the first fleet arrived, we were shown interesting videos and maps in this activity.

We really enjoyed meeting people from other schools and got some great ideas after watching a video from another school, St Josephs in Mernda. The guest speakers were also really interesting, especially Shelley and her son Taj who designed special indigenous pattern socks for his footy club and raised a good amount of money from them.

Overall we had a fantastic day, learning lots and working together . We feel so proud to represent St Charles as Fire Carrier leaders.’

Fire carrier 1fire carrier 2

What’s been happening in 3/4

As usual we have been very busy! This week we have learnt how to leave comments on our school blog. The blog is great as we can see what all of the other classes are doing!

IMG_1049IMG_1050In class we are reading the book, ‘Rowan of Rin’ by Emily Rodda, which is a fantasy adventure. We have learnt how to create a concept map by linking ideas to show cause and effect.


In Inquiry we are conducting our own research projects related to the main question,
‘How can we maintain happy hearts, healthy minds and body and harmonious communities?’. We are in the process of creating posters to share our learning. 

IMG_1061Another great event was working with our buddies to make a mosaic Cross to represent the death of Jesus.

We watched the story of the ‘The Three Tree’. here are some of our insights.

Thomas’ reflection is,  ‘life doesn’t always go as planned’. 

Greta said, ‘what ever your dreams, God will always give you something better’. 

Chloe’s reflection is, “what ever you dream of,  God will give you something that you will love more”. 

Watch this moving story let us know your reflection. 

New FIRE Carrier Leaders for 2016

In a very moving ceremony attended by 5/6 students and Teachers, last year’s FIRE Carrier Leaders inducted our new leaders for 2016.  FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education and the FIRE Carrier programme has been the reason behind some very powerful, student lead actions over the past 3 years. Congratulations Isla, Alyssa, Nicole and Erin on this year’s appointment!



Our Common Home: God’s Gift of the Earth

As part of our Sustainability unit on ‘how can we be water wise?’ the students in 3/4 have also investigated the question ‘How can we live in Harmony with God, self and others?

We watched a video clip ‘Laudato Si’ in which Pope Francis expresses a message for every person on this planet, asking us all to protect our common home, the earth. In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis speaks openly about the devastating effects of climate change on people and the planet. He says that climate change is real, urgent and it must be tackled, asking us to remember that the climate is “a common good, belonging to all and meant for all”.  Play the clip below and listen to Pope Francis’ message to us all.

As a response to this PLEA from Pope Francis the we  created a Google Presentation illustrating the meaning of this message, making suggestions on how to live in Harmony on Earth our Gift from God. we hope you enjoy our illustrations and suggestions.  We can all make a difference. What will you do!

St Charles Borromeo Feast Day 2015

Andrew and the students of St Charles getting into the spirit of our Feast Day.

Andrew and the students of St Charles getting into the spirit of our Feast Day.

On Friday 6th November, St Charles Borromeo School celebrated it’s Feast Day with Religious Musician, Andrew Chinn. Andrew last visited our school in 2012 and helped write and compose our school song ‘Called to Share, Called to Care’. The day commenced with Mass, followed by singing workshops and a whole school concert. It truly was a fantastic day and each and every child was included in the celebration through song, liturgical movement or simply laughter! Happy St Charles Day 2015!


The 5/6 students in collaborative groups have created modern day versions of scripture stories connected to forgiveness. These stories are re – enacted with a twist in the form of a video. You can tune into one such story from Zaccheus to get a taste of our media work in the area of inquiRE.


Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Father’s Day Breakfast. Great job mums preparing a banquet! A lot to live up to next year dads. 

Here are some reflections from our students about their dads.

  • My dad always says: Big man
  • My dad’s job is: fixing STUFF
  • My dad always says: I love you all the time
  • My dad is 75 years old!
  • He loves to eat: marshmallows
  • His favorite color is: black and yellow

unnamed (1)

Spirit filled people in our lives


Through our Religious Education Program the 3 /4 Level has learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  As part of connecting our new learning to real life experiences the students have made a video of important people in their lives. All of these people model the fruits of the Spirit.


Relax and enjoy the beautiful illustrations of their Spirit filled person and the qualities of these special people. 

3/4H Class Mass

On Thursday 28th, May, 3/4H celebrated their class mass. This was an opportunity for the students to reflect on and share their learning about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost Sunday. The children read well and sang beautifully. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare the students and joined us on the day.