FIRE Carrier Leaders Day

Today, the FIRE Carriers spent the day at Amberley Centre getting to know their fellow leaders in the North Eastern Region and learn more about their role for 2017. We began our day with a traditional smoking ceremony, a welcome to country and prayer. After this, students learned more about Bunjil the Eagle and the spiritual significance of this story. We then took part in two different workshops where we decorated leaves and sticks collected from the local area and then listened to guest speaker, Dean Stewart. Dean explained many Aboriginal customs and traditions, as well the importance of language, continued education and the true meaning of the word ‘Indigenous’. It was a fantastic day and another wonderful example of our school leaders representing St Charles Borromeo with pride. Well done Gemma, Lucas, Sofia and Olivia!



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New FIRE Carrier Leaders for 2016

In a very moving ceremony attended by 5/6 students and Teachers, last year’s FIRE Carrier Leaders inducted our new leaders for 2016.  FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education and the FIRE Carrier programme has been the reason behind some very powerful, student lead actions over the past 3 years. Congratulations Isla, Alyssa, Nicole and Erin on this year’s appointment!





This year at St. Charles we have Grade 6 Italian monitors. They are Sienna and Dante B. They will be assisting Signora Di Muzio with all things Italian.

Below they have written a paragraph about themselves in Italian. 

Ciao mi chiamo Sienna. Ho undici anni. Io ho un fratello. Si chiama Marcus. Vado alla scuola di San Carlo Borromeo. Abito in Victoria, Australia. Sono Australiana. Il mio sport preferito è il nuoto. Il mio piatto preferito è la pizza margherita. Mi piace il netball e One Direction. A presto. Sienna.

Ciao, mi chiamo Dante. Ho undici anni. Vado alla scuola di San Carlo Borromeo. Abito a Melbourne. Sono Australiano. Io ho due fratelli e non ho sorelle. Il mio sport preferito è il calcio. Il mio piatto preferito è la pasta napolitana. Mi piace lo sport e mi piace guardare lo motor sport. Saluti. Dante.

ANZAC Day Service at Templestowe Memorial Park

On Thursday 23rd April, Mr Thomas and myself took 18 respectful and reverent school leaders to Templestowe Memorial park to observe the annual Manningham ANZAC Day service. It was a fitting dedication to all the fallen service men and women who risked their lives for us 100 years ago so that we can live in this safe and peaceful country. Some of the reflections from the students showed how touched they were to attend such a special and solemn occasion. Well done to all the school leaders who represented St Charles so beautifully on the day!

Mrs Ibrahim

ANZAC Day Service

ANZAC Day Service

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