Sphero visits St Charles!

Sphero visits the 3/4 Level!
In 3/4 we have been learning how to control robots called Sphero. Nathan (Ariella and Kalita’s Dad), helped us to control the robots using apps called Tickle and Sphero Lab. We were given activities and lines to use to help us control the robots better. 

image image

What do you think of Sphero?


Extracurricular Club – Programmers Club

pclubIt was a packed room today at lunch for Programmers Club. It was also great to see some new faces.

Have a look at some of the programs being worked on below.


GOBO THE GREAT – By Greta (3/4S)

Instructions: Press the spacebar and see what happens.

M!!!!!!!!!!!!! – By Sofia (3/4G)
Instructions: Click on the green flag.

SUPER PONG – By Lucas (3/4S)
Instructions: Click on the green flag and move your mouse.

BOUNCE – By Thomas (3/4S)
Instructions: Click on the green flag and move your mouse.

Using technology the right way

Hello! I just want to point out some things about how we are treating/using the technology.

  1. Trolleys –   Some people are putting the laptops and iPads the wrong way into the trolley.  I would really appreciate it if the people who know the right way to tell the people who are doing it the wrong way. Please remember how many devices fit into the slots. (MacBooks: 4) (Chromebooks: 3) (iPad: 2)
  2. Holding the Laptops the right way – Now I see this a lot. Please hold them with two hands. If your holding it in just one there’s a chance that it will fall out of your hands and break.
  3. Stacking The laptops – You can only Stack 2 Macbooks on top of each other. With chromebooks its the same – only 2.
  4. Follow online expectations – We want everyone to have a good time on the technology. Please always follow the expectations.

I hope you look after the technology more after reading this.